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Our approach

We work together with communities to find long-term solutions to poverty and the climate crisis.

What we do

We work with people in the drylands of Africa. Led by local people, our approach focuses on four key areas, working to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis by growing trees, improving incomes, and restoring and protecting land.

Our projects make sure trees thrive so they can provide food and incomes today and protect the environment for tomorrow.

How we work

Our work is led by local people with local knowledge and expertise. We equip people with the tools and skills they need to grow trees, protect their land, and start viable businesses. This provides food and an income, tackling poverty today. It also pushes for long-term change, improving the environment for tomorrow. 

We learn what works and share it – locally, nationally, and internationally. Together with local communities, we influence policy and push for change that protects trees, people, and our planet. Every tree we grow or protect is helping to challenge the effects of the climate crisis and tackle hunger and poverty.

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Francis, a man we are working with in Ghana, holding a tree sapling in each hand which he will plant in the community.

Restoring the environment

We grow trees to protect the environment. We support people to use trees to improve the fertility of the soil and sustainably manage land in a way that helps them deal with the effects of the climate crisis.

This is our natural resource management approach.

Protecting forests and land

We grow trees for long-term change. We campaign for forests to be managed by the people who depend on them. We work with communities and local government so they can agree rules for using forests and their resources.

This is our forest governance approach.

A woman smiling and holding a bowl of shea nuts she has collected.

Building sustainable businesses

We grow trees which grow businesses. We support communities to make and sell tree products, like shea butter and soap. The income they make from their businesses pays for essential healthcare and education.

This is our enterprise development approach. 

Growing nutritious food

We grow trees for healthy food, all year round. Trees provide nutritious fruit, nuts and leaves, giving people stable supplies of food even when other crops fail.

This is our food security and nutrition approach.