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Inspiring stories from the people we work with.

Meet Birtukan Gebyehu

"Each forest management project now has a well-managed area of forestland to conserve, develop and utilise. Everyone has a sense of belonging and cooperates in the protection and controlling of wildfires"

“We have been on this project since the beginning and we are now in our third year. There’s so much we have learnt in that period - how to make compost, how to fence a garden, how to graft, how to plant trees and many other skills.”

Hear Musah's Story
Kubaje, a women that Tree Aid is working with in Ghana, smiling and holding a bowl of shea nuts that she collected.

“We have benefited from a lot of training under this project. Out of the money that comes, we are able to buy enough food to feed our family. It is earning us a lot of respect in our society.” Kubaje, Nakolo village, Ghana

Alizeta's story

“Thanks to our cohesion and our mutual aid, many associations in the region consider us as models, they come to learn with us so we are very proud of this.” 

Find out how Alizeta has been restoring land and growing incomes at her local nutrition garden in Korsimoro, Burkina Faso.

Zalissa's story

Zalissa lives in the village of Passimtenga in Burkina Faso. As her land becomes more and more degraded, she is finding it harder to get enough food and money to provide for her family. 

But six years ago, Zalissa joined a soumbala enterprise group. With help from tools and training provided through a Tree Aid project, she learnt how to turn dawadawa tree seeds into soumbala ─ a nutrient-rich food. 

Mouni, a volunteer forest guard, smiling in front of his local forest.

“Thanks to the project, everybody is involved in protecting the environment. Trees are no longer being destroyed and the forest is even being restored. With a good environment, we can increase our yield of crops in the fields. Here, trees mean life, or as we say, Tiga Ya Vim.” Mouni, volunteer forest guard, Burkina Faso.