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Our trees (& how we grow them)

Right trees, right place, right reason - how do we choose our trees?

At Tree Aid, we don't just plant trees and walk away. We're a part of the Great Green Wall movement. This means our tree-growing projects are designed with local communities to address their needs for increased income, climate resilience and access to nutritious food in a joined up way.

Where do we grow our trees?

Don’t you need water to plant trees?

In the drylands of Africa, rain only falls for three months of the year, in a concentrated 'rainy season'. Conserving the water, and preventing drought and flooding, is key to our trees' survival. That's why we work to equip communities with the tools and training they need to manage land and water together.

Some of these water-conserving techniques include zai pits (holes in the soil that trap water), stone bunds (barriers to prevent water running off the land), and boulis (rainwater conservation reservoirs).

Growing trees with farmers

Agroforestry (growing trees on farmland) is a technique we implement across many of our projects. Bringing the forest to the farm can help to diversify farmers' incomes, boost yields, restore degraded land, and increase biodiversity.

What about wildfires?

Today's wildfires are growing into more frequent, more intense and more damaging disasters. As a tree growing organisation, how do we ensure the trees we plant go on to live long and healthy lives?

Discover our wildfire control methods