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Major gifts

Help us grow our impact across the drylands of Africa.

Giving a major gift is one of the most effective ways to support Tree Aid's work. Your donation will have a huge impact. You'll help us plant more fruit trees, re-green more land and support people living in poverty.

How can your donation help?

An unrestricted donation will have an incredible impact across our six project countries and contribute to the scaling up of Tree Aid’s work. This will enable us to work with more communities to grow more trees to protect the environment and tackle poverty. Please see examples below of what a donation could achieve.



Could grow 100 native trees in Africa’s drylands, restoring this severely degraded land.


Could train beekeeping Village Tree Enterprise groups in modern beekeeping techniques


Could train a group of women in improving the quality of their tree products and how to market them more effectively.  


Could provide beehives and modern beekeeping accessories to six groups.


Could provide 15 cashew enterprise groups with equipment to enable them to transform cashew apples into profitable juice, jams and kebabs.