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Our Programmes team

Our Operations team look after all of our projects across Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali and Niger. This includes overseeing our monitoring and evaluation systems and our specialist technical work.

They work with communities and local partners to directly tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis.

Georges Bazongo, Director Of Operations for Tree Aid, speaking at an event

Georges Bazongo, Director of Programmes

Georges Bazongo started as the Director of Programmes in July 2020 having previously been Tree Aid’s Director of West Africa Operations. Georges has more than two decades of experience in national and international organisations like FAO/Ministry of Environment Project, ORGANIC and Self Help Africa. His areas of expertise are sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, agroforestry, land tenure management, crop value chain development and smallholder’s organisational development.

Désiré Ouedraogo, Country Director, Burkina Faso

Désiré joined Tree Aid in October 2007 as a Project Officer. Since August 2023, he has been the Country Director of Burkina Faso, after having acted as Director of West Africa Operations. He has over 22 years of professional experience in the development and management of projects and programmes, working with national and international NGOs, government, multi and bilateral cooperations. His area of expertise is natural resources management, agroforestry, climate change, local and decentralised governance and local development.

Jonathan Naaba, Tree Aid's Ghana Country Manager, stood in front of a garden

Jonathan Naaba, Country Programme Manager, Ghana

Jonathan Naaba is the Country Programme Manager for Tree Aid in Ghana. Prior to joining Tree Aid, he worked with a local NGO in Ghana as project coordinator and also with the Ghana Education Service as a teacher. He has a wealth of experience in participatory process in natural resource management and poverty reduction.

Amadou Tangara, Country Programmes Manager, Mali

Amadou Tangara started working at Tree Aid as Country Manager Mali in October 2017. Amadou has more than 12 years of practical experience working with national and international NGOs such as Sahel Eco and Farm Radio Internationale. His work has included programming, management and coordination of agroforestry, resilience and value chain development projects. Amadou is the winner of the African Innovation for a Sustainable Development prize received at the France Africa 2013 summit.

Headshot of Cheru Tessama Mammo, Tree Aid's Ethiopia Country Manager

Cheru Tessema Mammo, Ethiopia Programme Coordinator

Cheru was appointed as Ethiopia Country Manager in June 2014 and is responsible for the development of our programme work and engagement and co-operation with local partners. He has overseen the establishment of the Ethiopia office (opened in June 2014) and is responsible for running and developing the country plan for the expansion of Tree Aid’s Ethiopia programme. Cheru is an environmentalist and livelihoods development expert with more than 25 years' practical experience in the sector

Alexis Sompougdou, Forest Governance Specialist

Alexis Sompougdou joined Tree Aid in 2013 as the Forest Governance Projects Officer and is now responsible for coordinating Tree Aid’s natural resource management and forest governance activities. Alexis has more than 12 years' experience in national and international organisations, including World Bank and IUCN. His areas of expertise include forest governance, agroforestry, climate change and rural business value chains.

Vanessa Depeyre, Head of Programme Funding

Vanessa Depeyre joined Tree Aid in February 2017 and now develops and manages our entire restricted funding portfolio. She has 10 years of experience in project development and project management in international development contexts.  

Previous roles include Programme Manager, Fundraiser, Project Development Manager in different International NGO, such as ACTED and WAVE. 

 Headshot of Lidya Valea, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Lydia Valea, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Lydia Valéa joined Tree Aid in April 2017 to support our Monitoring and Evaluation. She has over 13 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programmes. At Tree Aid, she leads on the set up and maintenance of our monitoring and evaluation system.

Sean McGough, Head of Programme Management

Sean McGough joined Tree Aid in April 2014 and now oversees all of our projects. He has more than 10 years of project management experience in both commercial and international development contexts. He is experienced in managing portfolios of work across multiple countries, developing management processes and systems and has APM and PMD Pro qualifications.

Headshot of Abdoulaye Gango, Agronomy Specialist at Tree Aid

Abdoulaye Gango, Agronomy Specialist

Abdoulaye Gango joined Tree Aid in October 2017 and has previously worked in various public and private organisations, including the Ministry of Agriculture and national and international NGOs. Abdoulaye’s main areas of expertise are the decentralization, local governance and sustainable management of natural resources, intensification of agro-silvopastoral production and development and management of farmers’ organisations.

Yassinte Dima, Enterprise and Value Chain Expert

Yassinte joined Tree Aid in 2006 as the Village Tree Enterprises Manager having studied rural development engineering and agronomy. In 2018 Yassinte was appointed as Enterprise and Value Chain Expert with Tree Aid.

Headshot of Pietro Carpena, Lead Technical Advisor, Tree Aid

Pietro Carpena, Head of Programme Quality and Advocacy

Pietro has over 20 years of experience in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, and watershed management in a development context, with over 10 years' work with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), as well as with other international development charities. At Tree Aid, Pietro is responsible for supporting the improvement of programme quality.

David Baines, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Advisor

David joined Tree Aid in January 2018. He has over 15 years of experience in international project development, implementation and evaluation. Previous roles include Programme Management, Infrastructure Support and Planning & Commissioning. He currently focuses on strengthening organisational capacity for internal monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Fikru Tessema, Ethiopia Programmes Director

Fikru has over 18 years work experiences in leadership and managerial positions with INGOs and the public sector in Ethiopia, with considerable experience in leading and coordinating teams. He is well grounded in international best practices and communications, and well acquainted with managing and coordinating technical working groups that design and develop policies, strategies, regulations for the environment, agriculture, education and health sectors.

Fikru holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Monitoring and Evaluations, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health in Ethiopia and a Diploma in Human Rights Towards Gender Equality from Sipu/Upsala University in Sweden.

Annie Schultz, Policy & Advocacy Advisor

Annie joined Tree Aid in May 2021 as a UK-based Policy and Advocacy Advisor to help the organisation develop its influencing work in-country and internationally. Annie's background is in International, National and Grassroots Policy and Advocacy, specialising in climate action, human rights and sustainable development.

Annie has previously worked on international and national programs in Australia and Indonesia, presenting evidence-based advice to government and the private sector on decarbonizing. She worked in Climate Science communication for the UK's Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme, and coordinated actions for the UK charity Shrub to empower communities to live a low carbon life. She has also conducted research for human rights advocacy at Quaker Council for European Affairs, Brussels