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Djamako's story

Djamako, a woman on Tree Aid's She Grows project, smiling with her daughter.

Meet Djamako

Djamako is a 40-year-old mother living in Mali. “I’m in a rural environment where the income sources are very limited.” This was made even harder when her husband fell ill. “My husband fell ill which stopped him from farming. I was forced to take over.”

But with support from a Tree Aid project, Djamako will increase her income and grow a better future for herself and her children.

Before the project

Djamako works hard to provide food and income for her family but this isn't easy. 

“The trees that we used to get lots of fruit from to sell are now disappearing. Nowadays, you don’t find anything because of low rainfall and poor farmland. The children do not have enough to eat.

I also process shea nuts to make shea butter. Processing the nuts is very gruelling as I don’t have the right equipment to do it.”

"With the weight I have on my shoulders, I sleep very little at night. I’m always thinking of my day-to-day life - my husband’s illness, my children’s health and getting them food."
Djamako, Koulikoro, Mali
Djamako, a woman on Tree Aid's She Grows project, talking with a project admin member.

How the project will help

Djamako said, "I need production and processing equipment. I need training in the techniques of processing, marketing and leadership." And this is exactly what the She Grows project is providing.

"Such training will allow us to boost our production and seize opportunities that we are offered. I think the future could be bright if we really are trained and if we put everything we learn into practice. I want the whole community to flourish in a healthy and well protected environment."

Djamako, a woman on Tree Aid's She Grows project, smiling in front of trees.

"Women must play a bigger part. We must participate in an active and responsible way concerning the environment, which provides us with the majority of our income. This is not yet the case, but I hope it will happen."

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