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Growing a better future

Sékoura, a woman on the She Grows project, holding her daughter in front of their house.

Her story

Sékoura lives in Ouoloudo, in the Koulikoro region of Mali. After her husband was forced to move away in search of work, she was left to care for her three-year-old daughter on her own. Sékoura tries to make a living off the land but with climate change and intensive farming, the soil is poor quality.

But with the help of the She Grows project, Sékoura hopes to grow a better future for her family.

Before the project

“My income is largely bound to agriculture and forestry resources, all of which depend on rainfall. In years of good rainfall, I can earn some money. Now the rains are rarer and rarer, I have difficulty coping.

I get some of my income from collecting shea nuts. Increasingly I observe low production from the fruit trees from which I get my income. With all these difficulties, I feel poverty growing among women.”

"With the drought, the trees are becoming rarer and rarer and give very little fruit. The traditional methods and ways of producing and processing are exhausting and produce little.”
Sékoura, Koulikoro, Mali
Sékoura, a woman on the She Grows project, with a project admin member.

How the project will help

Sékoura said, "We need production and processing equipment and different training that will allow us to produce better quality products." And that is exactly what the She Grows project is doing.

The project will support Sékoura and women in her village to create enterprise groups. They will be provided with the tools and training they need to process and market things like shea butter. This will help Sékoura to gain financial independence and be able to provide for her family.

Sékoura, a woman on the She Grows project, sitting in front of her house.

“I hope for diversified income sources. I want a change in both lifestyle and work by creating new professions that are more rewarding and respectful of the environment.”

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