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Setou's story

Setou, a member of Tree Aid's She Grows project, smiling.

Meet Setou

Setou is a mother living in Koulikoro, Mali. She relies on her land to provide for her family. But the effects of the climate crisis and deforestation are making this even more difficult. “Agriculture is all we do, and we are entirely dependent on the rain.”

But she hopes that with the training and tools she will get through the She Grows project, that she will be better equipped to support her family.

Before the project

“I do not have access to good soil. Now, the produce from the fields is unable to feed us throughout the year.

I gather shea nuts that I make into butter for us to eat. Unfortunately, shea doesn’t make much.

I have no one to help me. I cannot save any money, the need is always there. If I had gone to school, I could have diversified my sources of income."

"Farming doesn’t feed us anymore, the sources of income are weak. I am worried for my children. I'm always looking to get enough food for my children which is becoming more difficult.”
Setou, Koulikoro, Mali
Women in Koulikoro that will be supported through the She Grows project.

How the project will help

"Training women in transforming forest products, in soap-making, and in other money-making activities would be a huge asset for women."

And that is exactly what the She Grows project will do. Setou is hopeful that with support from the She Grows project, she will be able to transform her family's life.

"I don’t want the children to be farmers like us. I want them to study well at school so they have a better future. I am hopeful that we will have enough food to eat all year and my children will study at school.”

Setou, a member of Tree Aid's She Grows project, smiling.

“Trees are vital, especially for us women. Without trees, we wouldn’t eat. The years of good shea yields are years of happiness for women." Setou, Koulikoro, Mali

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