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Climate Champions

Support our winter appeal
a month for a year could enable a climate champion to grow six life-changing trees, providing nutritious food and produce to sell.
a month over the course of the year could provide a climate champion with the tools they need to manage their land and improve the soil, enabling them to care for their trees
a month for a year could provide business skills training to maximise a climate champion's income from tree products.
£30 could grow three trees in Africa’s drylands, so people can live from them for years to come
£52 could provide training – such as learning to develop community boundaries, creating firebreaks and managing community patrols – to empower communities to protect their forests.
£75 could provide a community with the tools they need to care for their land, enabling them to grow crops to eat and sell.

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Our 2023 winter appeal has now ended. Thank you for your support - your donations are helping to support the people fighting the climate crisis. 


The climate crisis is here, now. And it is devastating land, lives and futures.

But there is still hope. A green revolution is underway. Across Africa's drylands, ordinary people are working hard to restore land, grow trees and protect futures.

Yet they can’t do it alone. 

It takes all of us to tackle the climate crisis. Donate now to support people and protect the climate.  

As the climate changes, it's people who suffer

Across the drylands of Africa, temperatures are rising at twice the global average. Fires rage. Droughts scorch the earth. Floods destroy crops. And every day, communities are struggling to grow enough food to eat or sell.

But through community-led projects, people can be equipped with the tools and skills they need to thrive against the odds.

From planting climate-smart trees to protecting ancient forests, climate champions are working hard to adapt to the effects of the crisis, and protect their futures. 


Climate champions are working tirelessly

When you back people, you help protect the climate. 

Climate champions are turning the tables on climate change by growing trees, restoring land and creating green jobs.  

Everyone has a role to play. It takes teachers, gardeners, innovators, and more - sharing skills, ideas and working together to thrive against the odds.  

Tree Aid projects support communities to find long-term solutions to poverty, hunger and the environmental crisis.

Climate champions are already working hard, but they need your support. 


Growing futures at Tree Aid

Championing nature-based solutions and the people who implement them is one of the most effective ways you can help to make a difference.

With the right support, tools and training, communities in Africa’s drylands can grow trees, protect land and start viable businesses. This helps slow the rate of climate change and build a resilient future for our changing world.

You can be part of the solution and support our climate champions with tools and training to fight the climate crisis.