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Partnering with Papergang

Papergang, Ohh Deer's monthly stationary subscription, has helped Tree Aid to grow over 50,000 trees.

We are proud to work with Papergang to support communities by growing trees across the Sahel region of Africa. Join us today to help us support communities through the power of trees.

A Papergang stationary subscription box that helps to grow trees with Tree Aid

Every box helps plant trees

Ohh Deer's became a partner in 2017 via their Papergang service, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and protecting the future of our planet. So, for every 4 subscription boxes sold, Papergang helps grow a tree in the Sahel through Tree Aid. Together, we have helped to grow over 50,000 trees so far!

These trees offer a lifeline to communities living with the devastating effects of poverty and the climate crisis. Trees give women the opportunity to build a sustainable income for generations to come, provide a reliable food source for families, and protect the environment against climate change.

“We are all responsible for doing our part to protect the planet. We’re really proud of our partnership with Tree Aid, which is important for Ohh Deer's corporate responsibility. Above all, our partnership helps to provide urgent reforestation for communities right now and for the future”
Mark Callaby, Managing Director at Ohh Deer

Our impact

Thanks to our supporters like Ohh Deer, Tree Aid have helped over 1.8 million people and grown over 22 million trees so far. We work with local people to give them the tools they need to grow themselves out of poverty, and create thriving communities across the Sahel.