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Set your Great Green Goals

We’re so pleased that you’d like to join Team Tree Aid in aid of our Great Green Goal appeal!

You can support us by setting and achieving your own goals this spring. Join our community of supporters and set your Great Green Goal now.

This will support our work and if you choose to fundraise, you will directly contribute to the Great Green Wall.

How to be involved

Whether you’re an individual, a community group or keen to take part with your company or colleagues, join our community of passionate supporters and share your progress online this spring by…  

  • Setting a walking, running, or cycling goal with your colleagues.  
  • Bake off with friends or neighbours. 
  • Organise an event goal with your community like litter picking at a local beach or green space. 
  • Get creative as you like

Our team are happy to help you set your Great Green Goals today, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for more information on how to take part.

Tree Aid supporters smiling and wearing Tree Aid running vests after completing the Bath half marathon to raise money to help communities in the drylands of Africa.

Challenge yourself

Why not take on a challenge for Tree Aid?  

Setting up a JustGiving page and raising funds for your Great Green Goal is easy.  

Here's how to set up your JustGiving page 

Please send us photos of you working towards your goals or share them online and tag us for a chance to win a prize*.  

Share your progress on social media!

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or even Linkedin work wonders when you’re raising awareness. Short, clear messages with good photos work well on both.

Follow Tree Aid on socials. We can help you by sharing your posts!

• Create a Facebook event and invite people to attend.

• Tweet your local newspaper and radio station to let them know

you are fundraising.

• Share your JustGiving page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin!

Why now?

The drylands of Africa haven't always been difficult places to live. But in recent years, the communities that live there have been hit hard by the dual burdens of poverty and a rapidly changing climate. 

Trees can provide a solution. By planting a Great Green Wall across the Sahel region of Africa, we can help restore the land, offering vital sources of nutrition and income for people already at the mercy of the climate crisis. 

Enter your details to start setting up your Great Green Goals

You can stop or change the communications you receive from us at any time.
Tree Aid staff with a banner supporting runners that fundraised for Tree Aid.

Your questions, answered

Please reach out to our team! 

We're here to help you get your Great Green Goal started! Email if you have any questions, or if you are thinking of participating with your work colleagues on behalf of a business, email James, who will be happy to answer any question no matter how small!

Alternatively, check out some of our most commonly asked questions about fundraising for Tree Aid, or get in touch.

“Tree Aid is a fantastic cause. They help vulnerable people, they help the environment, they help wildlife… there isn’t a box they don’t tick! I am honoured to support them.”
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Tree Aid supporter