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Bongo reforestation

Growing trees to restore land and rivers in the Bongo district of Ghana.

The project

Through this reforestation project in partnership with Trees for All (, we are reforesting land around vital water sources in Ghana’s Bongo District.

This builds on Tree Aid’s previous project in the Bongo district where we worked with 15 communities in the region to plant almost 100,000 trees. Now, we are working with another 1,600 people in 20 local communities to grow even more trees to restore and protect the land and water sources, for now and for future generations.

Why is this project needed?

The Bongo district is one of the driest areas in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The land is now dry and infertile, and it's hard for people to grow enough food to eat and sell. As people are forced to farm closer to the rivers, riverbanks become even more eroded. This is causing water sources to dry up, making it even more difficult to grow crops.

But trees offer a solution – they store water when there’s no rain and stop nutrient rich soil from being washed away, keeping the land fertile so other crops can grow. That’s why we are growing thousands of trees along the rivers. 

Mbole working on his farm in Bongo, Ghana

Our aims

We are working with 20 local communities to grow over 200,000 trees to restore and protect 450 hectares of land in the Bongo River area. Together we will reduce river erosion, improve land fertility and promote land management methods to secure natural resources in the long-term.

As well as planting trees, we will support 1,600 people to learn sustainable land management techniques. We will also help set up two tree nurseries, providing equipment and training so that locals can grow tree seedlings to plant in their communities.

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    people will be trained to restore and protect the land

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    trees will be grown

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    of riverbanks and surrounding land will be restored and protected

Our partners

This project has been made possible with support from Trees for All.

We are also working with operational partners including Blue Deal Ghana, Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), The Forest Services Division (FSD) under the Forestry Commission (FC), The Water Resources Commission (WRC), The District Agriculture Development Unit, Irrigation Company of Upper East Region (ICOUR), The Ghana Water Company and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).