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Empowering women in rural Mali

Improving the economic and social status of women in Koulikoro through greater forest access rights, responsibility and participation


The project will help support 1,000 women in the Koulikoro region of Mali to improve their economic and social status. We will achieve this by promoting greater forest access rights for women, as well as encouraging management responsibilities and supporting women's participation in local tree product enterprises, through the promotion of Village Tree Enterprises (VTEs). 

This project is an expansion of the approach taken in our She Grows project, in Mali's neighbouring Koulikoro region

Why is this project needed?

The climate crisis is causing temperatures to rise and weather patterns to shift across Africa. Land is losing fertility and people can't grow enough food. As a result, over one third of the population of Mali (43%) are living in poverty. Here, many people face insecurity over their rights to natural resources. Women in particular rarely have access to the land, equipment and training they need to grow food to eat and sell.

Trees provide a solution, improving soil fertility and absorbing carbon dioxide to tackle the climate crisis. When crops fail to grow, trees survive to produce products to eat and sell, helping communities build resilience to the effects of the climate crisis.

Our aims

During this project, we aim to:

Our impact so far

Since the project started in September 2021, we have:

  • Established 11 cooperatives enterprise groups for entrepreneurs (particularly women) to work and learn together
  • Trained 118 people in water and soil conservation techniques  
  • Trained 192 people in plant production methods
  • Established 8 wells to improve access to water in the communities